New York Festivals 2018 Global Awards Announces Finalists

The Global Awards℠ now in its 24th year of honoring the world’s best wellness and healthcare advertising,  announced the 2018 Finalists.

This year’s Finalists were selected by the Grand Jury and 6 Live Juries Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, India, South Africa, and USA) from entries submitted from 26 countries on 6 continents. The competition expanded its global footprint receiving entries from 70 new companies in 2018 with entries from such far-reaching destinations as Cambodia and Iceland achieving Finalist status and moving on to the next judging round.

“With entries submitted from 70 new companies this year, the Global Awards is proud to continue its legacy of honoring the world’s most innovative healthcare and wellness advertising,” said Fran Pollaro, Executive Director, Global Awards. “This year’s entries are representative of the brilliant work emanating from some of the world’s most prominent agencies – and according to feedback from Grand Jury members, the bar has been raised again, which is incredible considering the progress that has already been made over the past couple of years.”

The 2018 Grand Jury selected 133 Health & Wellness and 84 Pharma (Rx) entries as Finalists. Entries moving on to the trophy round will be judged by the 2018 Pharma (Rx) and Health & Wellness in Executive Juries in a live session in New York City on Tuesday, October 16th. For 2018, the competition expanded trophy opportunities to include Gold, Silver and Bronze level recognition.

USA agencies led this year with a robust 92 entries achieving Finalist status, the USA saw 59 within Health & Wellness and 33 from Pharma (Rx) categories. Agencies from the United Kingdom saw 55 entries move forward, 20 within Health & Wellness and 35 from Pharma (Rx). Additional countries showing a robust number of Finalists include India with 9 Health & Wellness and 6 Pharma (Rx); Australia with 8 Health & Wellness and 5 Pharma (Rx) and Japan with a total of 8 in Health & Wellness categories.

An expanded world view of entries moving to the next round saw Germany achieve 8 Finalists total. Thailand saw 4 entries advance; Canada and China moved ahead with 3 Finalists: Spain, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates with 2; Brazil, Iceland, Italy, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and the US Minor Islands each saw an entry advance. In addition, USA/Canada shared 2 entries moving on to the trophy round. To view the entire 2018 Global Awards Finalist List, please visit: HERE

Entrants achieving Finalist status utilized multiple tactics to create awareness, educate and engage on behalf of the brand including activations, events, live experiences, ambient advertising, innovations and traditional approaches including print, mail and publishing.

To humanize the opioid crisis, Energy BBDO Chicago’s installation/memorial “Prescribed to Death,” tells stories on an individual level and puts a face to the problem of the opioid crisis. On behalf of the National Safety Council, data was turned into faces—engraving the faces of the 22,000 people that die each year from opioid overdoses onto pills. The powerful installation, which visited cities across the country and the Ellipse at President’s Park (just a few hundred feet from the White House’s South Portico), illustrated the epidemic with a new pill being carved every 24 minutes to dramatize how often a person dies of a prescription opioid overdose.

Serviceplan South Korea received a Finalist slot in product innovation for “Making The World Accessible, Dot by Dot”. The campaign showcases how Dot’s portable smart translation device allows the user to store and carry 10,000 books, providing the visually impaired individual to access text books, magazines, and almost any content. The device uses AI to understand context and translate immediately to braille allowing for instant downloading of books.

“Blink to Speak” TBWA India’s campaign for Asha Ek Hope Foundation for ALS earned Finalist status for their print and product innovation campaign that provided an accessible and affordable method of communication for patients with an alert mind but a paralyzed body.  A book and downloadable e-book provided an eye language guide with a created alphabet using eight simple eye movements designed for patients and families to ease their difficulty in speech.

McCann Health Japan’s “Washable Book” earned Finalist Status for client Angfa/Save Soap.  The Washable Book, a low-tech innovation that transforms reading into a physical learning to inspire behavioral change in Cambodian children. The book’s characters reach their colorful futures only by having their dirty hands physically washed on the pages helping the children make the connection between handwashing and reaching their future goals to be free from infectious diseases transmitted through dirty hands.

The Global Awards Grand Jury evaluated entries to determine the 2018 Finalists. International Grand Jury live judging sessions were hosted by the following agencies: FCB Health Brazil, Fine Group South Africa, Medulla Advertising India, TBWA\WorldHealth Chicago, and TBWA\WorldHealth London.

The Executive Jury, headed by Globals Chairwoman Elizabeth Elfenbein, Partner/Chief Executive Officer, Fasttwitch Group, is assembled into two split juries and led by two of Healthcare & Wellness’ most respected leaders. For 2018’s Executive Jury sessions, Kathy Delaney, Global Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Health, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness USA will serve as Health & Wellness Jury Chairwoman and June Laffey, Chief Creative Officer, McCann Health USA will act as Pharma Rx Jury Chairwoman.  All Executive Jury members will meet in New York City on October 16th to determine the 2018 Global Award winners at a live judging session.
To view the 2018 Global Awards Finalists, please visit: HERE

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