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12 Dec 2023 - Vietnam marketing day - online
NOV 20th, 2023 - HCM City, Vietnam
VietnamMarcom Campus, 7 Mỹ Phú 2A, Dist 7, Phú Mỹ Hưng City

New York Festivals - AME was a strategic partner of The Big Show - VietnamMarcom since 2007 ->

About the AME Awards for Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness: Founded in 1994, the AME Awards honors international work that demonstrates ground-breaking solutions to challenging marketing problems. The brave campaigns that achieve the essential mission of making the clients products and services successful.

To earn a coveted AME(r) Award, an entry must exhibit specific marketing goals and objectives accomplished through creative execution and strategic planning. Entries are judged by an international panel of top interactive and multidisciplinary marketers, media planners, strategy directors, social media experts, and creative directors.

About New York Festivals: New York Festivals(r) Celebrating the World's Best Work since 1957

VietnamMarcom is country representative partner of NYFs since 2007.

ShowCases and Panelists

Gayle Mandel

VP,  Communications Director
New York Festivals

Director of AME Awards.

Tran Hoang

Chairman of VietnamMarcom
Chairman of Vietnam Marketing Association

Tue Tri Tran

 ExeCom Member of AVSE Global
Vice President of Nhân Humanity 

Nguyen Vu Nhat Huy

Lecturer - Senior Copywriter - Voice talent

PhD. Dinh Mong Kha

CEO of VietGuys

 Nguyen Ngoc Thuy

  Director of Marketing Communications 

Bui Nguyen Kim Thanh

Managing Director
Havas Group Vietnam


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