B2B Digital Marketing Conference

Hội nghị B2B Digital Marketing & Sales là sự kiện được thiết kế đặc biệt nhằm kiến giải, 
định hình nền tảng và giải pháp Tiếp thị, bán hàng B2B trên nền tảng số hóa cho doanh nghiệp.

Nhiều bài học, điển cứu tiêu biểu của thế giới và Việt Nam truyền cảm hứng từ các thương hiệu B2B, những người đã kiến tạo ra nội dung và giải pháp với kết quả kinh doanh thực sự.
Mời Anh Chị quan tâm xem thông tin chương trình hội nghị.

28th Nov 2019 – VietnamMarcom Campus
10 Mỹ Phú 1A St, Phu My Hung,  Dist 7, HCM City

The event is designed specially for B2B Sales & Marketing Conference

and Step inside your customer’s shoes.
In this hands-on conference, Mr.Hando Sinisalu, Ms.Bich Tram, Mr.Cong Hai will analyse, deconstruct and construct your company’s digital presence as well as offer inspirational ideas from B2B brands, who have managed to produce content with real business results.

Phiên thảo luận | Panel discussion speakers

Mr. Nguyen Cong Hai
Former CMO Akzo Nobel Vietnam

Ms. Nguyen Tran Bich Tram
Customer development Manager
Coca-cola Southeast Asia


Step inside your customer’s shoes.

Digital age has transformed the way B2B buyers research, navigate and most importantly – make purchase decisions. Sadly, most B2B companies are still stuck in their own personal silos, with little to no intent towards understanding customers’ needs. In this hands-on conference, Hando will analyse your company’s digital presence as well as offer inspirational ideas from B2B brands, who have managed to produce content with real business results


Anyone with existing responsibility for developing digital advertising campaigns and looking to take their knowledge to the next level. Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Campaign Managers, Strategic Planners, Creative Professionals, Media Planners and Buyers.



We start with understanding the needs of every participant. In order to identify needs, challenges and get an overview of your existing activities, Hando will contact you prior to the event in order to fine-tune the content and use relevant case examples.


During the interactive sessions, the delegates will brainstorm creative ideas for each other and sourcing froman extensive case study base, Hando will guide the group towards producing actionable marketing ideas.


You will leave with dozens of ideas on how to improve your B2B sales and marketing.

Chương trình | Agenda

CEO and Speaker
(previously known as Best Marketing International)

Hando Sinisalu is a business journalist, conference producer and world traveler. He is the founder and
CEO of case.digital (formerly known as Best Marketing International). Collecting and analysing digital
marketing case studies is both his hobby and work. With presentations in 30+ countries, you could
almost claim that Hando has travelled to the moon and back.

In the past, Hando has been a radio DJ, managed a newspaper company and an advertising agency.
Today he writes about marketing to numerous publications and consults brands and media companies
about digital marketing. He is the author of “The Best of Global Digital Marketing: Storybook 1” and
“Storybook 2”. Hando has MA degree in Communications from Ohio University (USA).

Đồng hành | Supporting Partners

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180 USD ++  

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