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Welcome to The e-World Marketing Summit 2022. 
Learn from 101+ world-class leaders on November 06 & 07th, 2022. In today's critical times, businesses need inspiration, guidance, and leadership to proceed into the future. Our 101+ speakers are leaders in business, marketing, digital and social media, branding, and all related areas. The e-World Marketing Summit, the brainchild of the father of marketing 

Professor Dr. Philip Kotler unites innovative minds from the corporate, public, non-profit, and academia spheres 
to explore ways to integrate marketing solutions to meet sustainability goals.


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e World Marketing Summit 2022  

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          Professional ticket:

  1. Live Streaming - Learn from 100+ international speakers non-stop for 48 hours with exclusive rights for Spanish and Arabic tracks.
  2. One-month LOD (learning on demand)- enjoy the most extensive online marketing content for one month.
  3. Big Bang book- e-Version carries transcripts from talks of 100+ eminent speakers of eWMS 2022
  4. Each executive will receive a digital copy of the Essentials of Modern Marketing (EOMM) Global Edition.
  5. Audio Translations -Live streaming will feature live six audio translations (Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese, Bahasa)
  6. Blockchain Digital ID - Unique blockchain ID to join Kotler Alumni
  7. Exclusive Contents (Beginning on October 20th, 2022)- Access EXCLUSIVE talks from 20 thought leaders from Oct-Nov 2022
  8. 20% discount in the next eWMS and Live WMS (World Marketing Summit).
  9. 15% discount on executive training through Kotler Business Program.


About eWMS  

e World Marketing Summit Vision:
e WMS envisages creating a better world through marketing ethos to trigger the behavioral and attitudinal change in human society by engaging the best minds from the world of business, research, and politics. The scenario of the world economy influenced by our founder, Professor Philip Kotler of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, is to conceptualize a new paradigm supported by marketing ethos. He calls this “Creating a Better World through Marketing”.

About VietnamMarcom 

Over the past 20 years VietnamMarcom Academy has trained more than 10,000 individuals in helping to supply the skilled manpower needs of Vietnam Communications and Marketing industries; in addition to the needs of many local Sales and Brand-Building organizations as well.

We are here to inspire young marketers, marcom practitioners to access to a multitude of information resources intended to enhance creativity; expand knowledge within Vietnam Marketing Communications field; and with high hopes of realizing the ambitious vision of sharing our many Vietnam Brands with the world.

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