New York Festivals Global Awards Announces 2018 Award Winners

New York Festivals Global Awards® has officially announced the 2018 award winners

FCB Health Network was in the spotlight earning the prestigious title of Global Healthcare Network of the Year for the second year running. The network was honored with 4 Global Gold Awards, 1 Silver, 6 Bronze and 15 Finalist Awards.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized as Global Network of the Year, as this represents excellence across multiple agencies, pieces of work and clients,” said Rich Levy, Chief Creative Officer of FCB Health Network. “Our goal is to elevate the quality of the work, so we can elevate quality of the life for people all over the world.”

Area 23, an FCB Health Network Company, was named Global Healthcare Agency of the Year for the 2nd consecutive year earning 2 Global Gold Awards, 1 Silver, 5 Bronze and 9 Finalist Awards.

“A lot of people are going to be very happy about this,” said Tim Hawkey, Executive Creative Director and Co-Managing Director of Area 23. “By the numbers, Agency of the Year represents a lot of awards. But to the people behind it, it represents a lot of work – Late nights toiling over the type on an ad when it was probably pretty good to begin with. Entire weekends swallowed up by the ambition to do something no one’s ever done before and make sure we get it right. Extra plane trips to the client en masse. I firmly believe that what separates the good work from the great work… is work and the amount of work you are willing to put in. And we have some of the smartest, most creative, hardest-working people in the biz. Congrats to all!”

“The World’s Smallest Booth, one of Area 23’s many award-winning entries, was honored with 2 Global Gold Awards and a Silver Award for their creative for client LARTRUVO for the SGO annual meeting. Most people, including oncologists have not heard of soft tissue sarcoma (STS), an incredibly rare and deadly form of cancer that makes up only a tiny fraction of all 1.6 million cancer cases: 12,000 cases. The exact proportion of STS compared to other cancers is 1:133. To help the brand stand out and to call attention to STS, every detail, from the booth to the invite, was scaled down in size to the scale of 1:133, reflecting the exact proportion of the rare cancer within oncology.

Energy BBDO Chicago’s entry earned the top honor awarded this year, receiving the Grand Global for “Prescribed to Death” for humanizing the opioid crisis for the National Safety Council. The innovative campaign puts a face to the problem by turning data into faces—engraving the faces of the 22,000 people that die each year from opioid overdoses onto pills. The powerful installation, which visited cities across the country and the Ellipse at President’s Park (just a few hundred feet from the White House’s South Portico), illustrated the epidemic with a new pill being carved every 24 minutes to dramatize how often a person dies of a prescription opioid overdose. The installation also earned 3 Global Gold Awards.

“It is such an honor to be recognized with the top Global Awards for National Safety Council’s “Prescribed to Death.” We are lucky to get to create work that is making a real impact in addressing the Opioid Epidemic in the U.S. I’m incredibly proud of the passion behind this project and thankful to all of the people who contributed to making the work great,” said Andrés Ordóñez, Chief Creative Officer, Energy BBDO.

For the first time in 24 years the Global Awards honored entrants with three levels of awards, Gold, Silver and Bronze Global Awards. The 2018 Global Awards Executive Jury honored agencies and their creative work with 13 Gold Global Awards, 14 Silver, 14 Bronze, and 175 Finalist Awards from entries initially judged by the Grand Jury and six continental worldwide live juries submitted from 26 countries on 6 continents.

Global entries from agencies on behalf of prominent Pharma (Rx) and Health & Wellness brands successfully engaged consumer and healthcare professionals by utilizing compelling installations, activations and live experiences, collaborative partnerships and innovations.

Serviceplan South Korea earned a Global Gold Award and a Silver for “Making the World Accessible, Dot by Dot” for client Dot. The winning entry showcases how the portable smart translation device allows the user to store and carry 10,000 books, providing the visually impaired individual to access text books, magazines, and almost any content. Dot’s device uses AI to understand context and translate immediately to braille allowing for instant downloading of books

FCB Health New York earned 2 Global Gold Awards for their unique depiction of the real burden of COPD. “5 Million Puffs,” a campaign created for Stiolto Respimat. helped give previously jaded physicians and HCPs true empathy for their patients and allowed the brand to break through in a crowded and increasingly competitive category.

CDM New York’s entry “Good Morning Peyton” for National Organization for Rare Disorders was honored with a Global Gold Award and Silver. The campaign features ten-year old Peyton Madden who lives with a rare life life-threatening allergy to sunlight called xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), which highly restricts his ability to engage in typical daytime activities without extreme head-to-toe coverage. On August 4, 2017, the entire town of El Dorado (nearly 500 people) came together to transform evening into morning for Peyton: inviting him to engage in all that the community has to offer, but under the safety of darkness.

RPA USA’s “Imaginary Friend Society – Film Series” for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation earned a Global Gold Award and a Silver for their series of 22 animated short films. The Imaginary Friend Society characters explain the different facets of cancer care kids might face, covering everything from “What is an MRI?” to “Returning to School” to more emotionally complicated topics like “Feeling Sad,” providing kids with a knowledge base to help them find a little bit of control and understanding in their fight against cancer.

“Blink to Speak,” TBWA India’s campaign for Asha Ek Hope Foundation for ALS, received the Global Gold and Silver for their print and product innovation campaign that provided an accessible method of communication for patients with an alert mind but a paralyzed body via a book and downloadable e-book. The content provided an eye-language guide with a created alphabet using eight simple eye movements designed for patients, families, and caregivers to ease their difficulty in communication.

Langland UK’s “Aviation” was in the spotlight earning 2 Global Gold Awards, 2 Silver and a Bronze – their entry utilized to recruit 300 children and adolescents for the Autism Study was designed to help autistic children make better sense of the world by bringing to life three common idioms that children with autism may struggle with. Using intricate hand-made sets and puppets, this imagery was portrayed across a variety of print materials, brought to life in a stop-motion film, and used across a series of online banners.

Australia’s Bravo! and The Communications Council hosted the annual Global Awards ceremony in Sydney Australia on November 15th. Australian agencies earned 3 Global Silver Awards and 2 Bronze. Saatchi and Saatchi Health Sydney was recognized with Global Silver and a Bronze for “Blown Out of Action” for Sanofi Pasteur Adacel; McCann Health Australia earned a Global Silver and Bronze for “Gutsy” for Metamucil; and BWM Dentsu was honored with a Global Silver Award for “Project Revoice” for The ALS Association.

Multiple world-wide agencies were recognized with Global Awards.  Global Silver Award Winners include: TBWA\WorldHealth USA for “If you don’t know what to say, give.” TrinityKids Care (TKC) and McCann China “A Warning from the Future” Cervical Cancer Vaccine. Agencies earning Global Bronze Awards include:  Saatchi & Saatchi GmbH “Pet House” for Elanco; Area 23 On Hudson, an FCB Health Network Company, “Parkinson’s House Call” for Sunovion and Sunovion’s Neurology Innovation Platform; The Classic Partnership UAE’s “RX Prescription Stickers” for Dubai Health Authority; and Medulla Communications India’s “Last Laugh” for client Palliative Care. For a complete list of all 2018 Global Award-winning entries, please click: HERE.

Nam Do, Lycoming College student, (Pennsylvania), received the 2018 Young Global Award for his work on the “Push Back on Opioid Use” brief. Nam also was awarded paid internships with both Global Awards agency partner sponsors, Publicis Health/Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness New York and Calcium, USA.

For 2018, Global Awards Executive Director, Fran Pollaro announced a special on-going partnership between the Global Awards and Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. This year, in lieu of a reception, the Global Awards will donate to Partnership for Drug Free Kids. To donate in order to help provide families the tools they need to take effective action for their child’s substance use and addiction, please click Here.

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