Meet Adfest Production Hut’s Craft Finesse-Makers

Discover what’s new, now and ahead of its time at Production Hut, ADFEST’s showcase for production and production-related companies. Production Hut is a popular part of ADFEST, the region’s largest and most celebrated creative festival, every year. It is the ideal place to keep at the forefront of the latest trends in the creative and production industry and discover how craft can advance and support the success of brands and projects, from the newest and most advance craft tools and services to the best of the tried-and-true.

This year’s “finesse-makers” at Production Hut are:

Benetone Films, Bangkok: This leader in the entertainment world is known for its wide range of services, including production services, digital & commercial division, and Benetone Films Originals, as well as work that leaves a lasting impression on audiences. The company has built a stellar reputation for telling great stories with a portfolio of top-rated movies, exciting digital media, and fresh commercials.

Black Cat White Cat Music, Tokyo: A full service music agency providing support for any single aspect or the entirety of projects. Its work covers consulting on ideas that are about to be brought to life, and pairing existing projects with the perfect music from our library, to writing original scores tailored to a project’s exact needs. Its unique and diverse group of musicians are at the forefront of progressive music today, providing a diverse roster of clients with high-quality and singular sounds for their film, commercial, and brand projects.

Bob Eye View, Bangkok: Meet Bob, your helpful friend – a photography crew specializing in retouching, 3D rendering, special lighting, illustration, and tabletop shoots. Together, we form a visual management team prepared to transform your airborne ideas into tangible commercial materials. With a 30-year base in Bangkok, we offer flexibility in terms of budget and timeline. Uncertain about what to do? Bob can handle it for you.

Bullet Production, Bangkok: Thailand’s premier service production and production support company, covers all aspects of the production process for TV commercials and new media. It represents and works with world renowned talents to produce commercial content with high production value.

Chamni’s Eye Bangkok: Found in 1991, Chamni’s Eye has 31-plus years of experience in providing full-service creative production, with nearly all elements in-house and the right people on its team to handle any project from start to finish. “We love to turn ideas and possibilities into reality through strategy, process, and creativity. We are also open-minded and interested in new possibilities. And they become our valuable resources, which lead us to think creatively, stay energised, and keep walking forward,” it promises.

Chubcheevit Studio, Bangkok: This photographic studio’s team of experts have the experience and the wisdom to always deliver products and services compatible with clients’ requirements. Extremely customer-focused, it works comfortably with tight deadlines and its wide variety of professionals cover a vast range of expertise to ensure that every project has the right person working on it.

Directors Think Tank, Kuala Lumpur: “We’re idea adventurers. We take your ideas and elevate them with the magical craft of visual storytelling, using emotive storytelling techniques to bring the best human stories to life.” Director’s Think Tank offers full production, production support, in-house post-production (VFX composition, grade, motion graphics, illustration & CGI), audio engineering and music composition.

Don Film, Bangkok: “I’m going to give him a shooting he can’t refuse.” Don is not a god but rather a father to all crews, a guiding hand behind every seemingly impossible shooting. Based in Bangkok, with over 20 years of experience in commercial production, we offer shooting locations in Thailand and ASEAN. We provide props, talent, special effects, 3D rendering, mock-ups, and costumes. Our team comprises directors of photography with various styles that can align with your vision. Whatever your director envisions, we have the capability to bring it to life. Just ask Don. Don will provide.”

ME Group, Ho Chi Minh: has grown from a cluster of independent production houses to a leading collaborative content production hub and media powerhouse. It began in 2007 with 17 production studios, added May production in 2011, Ginger Shots table-top production and Yam influencer-led content production studio in 2022, then 229 Studio commercial photography studio in 2023.

Number 24 x Shutterstock, Bangkok: is the authorized Shutterstock partner in Thailand and Myanmar, providing high-quality royalty-free photographs, vectors, illustrations, videos, motion graphics, and music content for any project, now also boosted with the power of Generative AI, that can be used to upscale content to something have never ever seen before. Number 24 provides access to over 450 million fresh pieces of content and updates every few seconds.

Sun and Moon Productions, Bangkok: Based in Bangkok, but not limited by geography, Sun and Moon Productions offers a skillset that is the perfect balance between art and commercial requirements, applied to various form of moving images such as features films, commercials, music videos, TV series, and documentaries.

TKO Bro, Bangkok: This digital creative solution delivers world class tech-driven omni-channel consumer experiences – AR & VR experience design, 2D & 3D production, and full-service Tik Tok communication. It specialises in creative solutions and digital experience and helping companies to successfully overcome disruptive forces of technology and changing consumer habits.

VulcanX, Bangkok: Launched in August 2023, VulcanX is a pioneer platform blending generative AI with artistic expression, focused on empowering people with disabilities. Covering various sectors from photography, virtual influencer, design and video production, VulcanX is dedicated to advancing the arts with technology and inclusive design.

YGGdrazil Group, Bangkok: One of the most multi-faceted studios in Thailand, its services span a complete service from conceptual planning through the final outcome to taking an existing project to the next level. Its services are vast, covering, for example, traditional production from pre- to post-; editing; VFX; music & sound FX; 3D modelling for movies, games, AR and VR. YGGdrazil is also the most equipped studio in Thailand for virtual production, using the latest technology.

80Root Bangkok: Founded in 2010, 80Root offers a comprehensive suite of integrated digital development services. It offers all levels service from digital publication at a reasonable price to accomplishing more ambitious projects such the creation of an entirely new digital publication.

Don’t miss these companies at the ADFEST Production Hut from Thursday 21 March to Saturday 23 March at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Pattaya. To register for ADFEST 2024, visit

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