BCW and NYF Join Forces to Inspire Creatives to Forge their Creative Legacy: Unveiling the ‘Make a Name for Yourself’ Campaign

New York, NY – March 4, 2024: New York Festivals Advertising Awards® (NYF) and BCW have launched the 2024 call for entries to the annual Festival, challenging creatives to “Make a Name for Yourself” in the incredibly competitive world of advertising in New York.

The ‘Make a Name for Yourself’ campaign uses New York’s iconic street signs that commemorate great New Yorkers to encourage creatives worldwide to put their work in front of the NYF Advertising Executive Jury, led by Javier Campopiano, because “If New York doesn’t know your name, your name ain’t worth knowing.”

The campaign, which includes six print ads and a video, nods to the street signs that immortalize musicians Miles Davis, Joey Ramone, and the Beastie Boys, acting legend Katherine Hepburn, and comedic icons George Carlin and Gilda Radner, all of whom were groundbreakers in their fields who became household names in New York – and around the world – having reached the pinnacle of creativity.

“BCW’s compelling video issues a daring challenge, calling on entrants to showcase their most innovative and groundbreaking creative work, setting the stage to make a name for themselves and carve their own path to in the world of advertising,” said Scott Rose, President of the New York Festivals Advertising Awards Competitions.

“The New York Festivals celebrates the best of the best, the creativity that has risen above the clutter to stand out in culture and make a difference for clients,” said Diego Bertagni, Executive Vice President, and Executive Creative Director, BCW North America. “That’s exactly what these icons in our campaign did – stood out, made a difference, made a name for themselves.”

The 2024 Grand Jury panel selection process is in progress. Executive Jury and Specialty Jury sessions will convene in May 2024.

The New York Festivals Advertising Awards competition receives entries from more than 60 countries and is judged by members of NYF’s elite Executive Jury and Grand Jury, who collectively cast their votes to select the year’s trophy-winning work.

The official deadline to enter the 2024 New York Festivals Advertising Awards is April 5, 2024. For more information on categories, rules and regulations visit: HERE.  To view the 2023 award- winners visit: HERE.


Chief Creative Officer: Fede Garcia (formerly of BCW)
Executive Creative Director: Diego Bertagni
Group Creative Director: Aaron Doyle
Associate Creative Directors: Kelsey Webster, Sean Hodes
Copywriter: Jane Mousseau
Editor: Cameron Mare

Director of Project Management: Peter Eason
Producer: Joey Daguio

Audio: Grayson Music Group
Photographer (Print): Daniel Ehrenworth

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